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Shuford Federal Credit Union
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Products and Services:

Regular Share Savings Account

A regular share savings account must be maintained in the account at all times. Once a regular share savings account is opened other accounts may be opened.

Download Account Card Application.
SPECIAL NOTE: All accounts will need to submit Photo ID and Social Security information.

Share Draft Checking

No fee checking. No minimum balance is requirements, no monthly service charges, no per check charges, receive a monthly statement. An overdraft protection is available, which acts like a line of credit to your share checking account.

Download Checking Account Application.

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Shursave (Moneymarket) Account

Earn a higher rate of interest with a minimum deposit of $500.00. Dividends are calculated daily from the day of deposit to the day of withdrawal. Dividends are earned daily and paid quarterly.

Club Accounts

Save all year round for Christmas or your Vacation, it's easy through payroll deduction.

You may withdraw from your Christmas / or Vacation Club account anytime during the year, and still leave your account open. If you chose to do so, there will be a $10.00 fee.

Share Certificates

Certificates can be opened with minimum deposit of $500.00. New rates are available on a weekly basis.

Individual Retirement Accounts

An IRA is a great way to save for your retirement and can offer tax advantages. It is also an interest bearing account.

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New and Used Auto loans, Secured and Unsecured personal loans, Mortgage loans. Ask about the "Steal the Car" program and get cash back.

Download our Loan Application.

TruSTAGE Insurance

Exclusive life insurance rates for credit union members only.


Balance Pro
Financial Counseling is just a phone call away
Toll-free 888-456-2227

Direct Deposit

Deposit your payroll, social security, and retirement benefits electronically for immediate credit.

Payroll Deduction

Use payroll deduction to automatically make deposits into any savings accounts, or payments to your loans.

VISA Credit Cards

Our VISA is as low as 9.99% fixed rate, with no annual fee.

Ezcardinfo.com is the site you would register, view transactions/balances 24/7 as well as make payments on your card.

VISA Debit / Check Card

Verified by VISA gives you added safety, and the reassurance that only you can use your VISA card online. No password, No VISA purchase. When making online purchases, always look for the verified by VISA logo.

Register your VISA Check/Credit/Debit Card

Audio Response Service

Call 1-888-211-6345 anytime, 24 hours per day, 7 days a week for current balances on any/all accounts.

Additional Products & Services

Our Members receive free Notary Service
Theme Park Tickets

Carolina Theater

Let Shuford Federal Credit Union help you enjoy a family outing at a low cost.
Carolina Theater is the perfect place to go out and experience a movie.

The newly renovated Carolina Theater offers:
Great movies
An area for Special Events, Birthday Parties, and much, much more!

The Carolina Theater is located in downtown Hickory across from the Arcade Billiard's.

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