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Shuford Federal Credit Union
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Lending Alternatives

Vehicle Rates Fixed Rate Maximum Term
New and Current Model 5.99% - 12.50% Up to 48 Months
6.25% - 14.25% Up to 72 Months
Used 6.25% - 13.25% Up to 48 Months
6.50% - 14.99% Up to 72 Months
Recreational Vehicles 10.25% - 16.25% Terms to 180 Months
Steal the Car (rates as low as 5.50%)    

Terms are subject to excellent credit ratings. Financing up to 120% available for qualified applicants.
(Interest rate within range is determined by the Credit Union based on applicant's qualifications)

Other Fixed Rate Maximum Term
VISA Credit Card 9.99% - 15.99% N/A
Share Secured 3.50% N/A
Shursave Secured 4.75% - 5.25% N/A
Overdraft 15.99% N/A
Line of Credit 8.75% - 15.99% Up to 48 Months

(APR on certificate secured loans will be 3% above the current interest rate)

Home Equity Loans*: Fixed, Variable LOCs, and Interest Only

First or Second Mortgages*: 10, 15, and 30 years fixed *No Mortgage Insurance Required*

*All savings and loan rates subject to change
*Contact the Credit Union for current rates
*Steal the Car rate minimum is 5.50%

Savings Rates

Shares Drafts/Club Accounts 0.00%
Shares 0.50%
Shursave Account  
($1.00 - $24,999.99) 1.75%
($25,000.00 and up) 2.25%
IRAs 2.00%

(Rates are Annual Percentage Yield. All rates are subject to change quarterly. Rates are declared during the third month of each quarter for that quarter.)

CD Rates

6 mo. .50%
12 mo. 1.00%
24 mo. 1.25%
36 mo. 1.75%
60 mo. 2.00%
all rates are subject to change at any time and without notice

Equifax Data Breach Equifax Credit Reporting Agency experienced a data breach earlier this year. Please note that the breach was at Equifax and not Shuford Federal Credit Union. Shuford Federal Credit Union has fraud prevention systems that monitor your accounts for suspicious activity. IF we detect suspicious activity we will notify you; therefore it is important that Shuford Federal Credit Union always has your current contact information. Shuford Federal Credit Union encourages you to verify your contact information, monitor your account and statements closely. IF you have any questions concerning a transaction please contact us. Shuford Federal Credit Union contact information Office Phone Number: 828-568-1234 VISA Debit Card (fraud department) 877-230-3179 VISA Debit Card Dispute a charge number: 1-800-808-6402 VISA CREDIT CARD (fraud department) 1-800-374-6975 VISA CREDIT CARD LOST or STOLEN 1-800-325-3678
National Credit Union Administration